Watch Out As K.O. Responds To Tweep’s Plea To Make A Song With Ntukza

K.O has taken to his Twitter to respond to a plea to make one song with Ntukza.

The star has been dominating his talents over the years and many of his fans are proud of him.

Taking to Twitter, one of K.O’s followers pleaded with the famed rapper to consider making one song with him and Ntukza along with Ma-E in a bid to lodge a Teargas comeback.

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“@MrCashtime teargas nyana? One song nyana, Please big homie??? Pretty please G? Talk to Eazy and Ntukza Please?” Read the tweet.

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K.O then responded as he makes it clear that a Teargas reunion will not be happening the same applies to dropping a song with his former group member Ntkuza.

The rapper stated that the Teargas chapter is now closed and there is no going back now. “Let the past be the past bro, chapter been long closed. Respectfully,” he responded in a tweet.

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