See How Charlize Theron Shocks The Afrikaans Speaking People

Charlize Theron, the actress, had no idea her statement about the Afrikaans language would spark such a storm. Theron hinted that the language is essentially useless because only 44 people speak it now.

According to reports, Charlize Theron stated in an interview that her language is slowly dying and is not very helpful. While Theron has received flowers from a large number of South Africans, the Afrikaans people are not overjoyed.

Theron is a well-known Hollywood actress, and her statement has struck a chord with many Afrikaans speakers in South Africa.

“There’s about 44 people still speaking it. It’s definitely a dying language; it’s not a very helpful language,” said Charlize Theron

The Afrikaans-speaking people were found shaking in their boots after Charlize Theron blasted their language. The Afrikaans people have come out in force to refute Theron’s bold claim that only 44 people speak Afrikaans, particularly in South Africa.

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“Afrikaans is the majority language of the N Cape & W Cape—and the first language of: 75.8% of Coloureds (4.8 million people) 60.8% of Whites (2.7 million people) 1.5% of Black S Africans (600,000 people) 4.6% of Indians (58,000 people)” wrote Jukiet Prowse


A number of South African have really applauded Theron for speaking up and voicing some of concerns surrounding the Afrikaans language. Theron’s statement really sparked a robust conversation amongst South Africans of all colors and race.

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“White Afrikaners that are so pressed about Charlize Theron’s comment. You conveniently forget that the language is a symbol of oppression and a crime against humanity So julle moet almal net julle tiete kalmeer” wrote Natasha Huckfield


“Charlize is 100% accurate. I was born in South Africa, I live in the UK currently and was forced to take Afrikaans at school as a second language. Afrikaans does not help me at all here and I can’t speak a word of it. I remember passing it marginally. Trappe van something…” wrote Mandlatshi Senza


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Calls are mounting for Theron to be cancelled following her statement about the Afrikaans language. However, scores of South Africa are adamant that Theron would not be cancelled.

“We are NOT cancelling Charlize Theron. Never. Viva Charlize viva” wrote Cameron Peters

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