Nota Baloyi Has Threatened DJ Black Coffee

Clearly, the feud between Nota Baloyi and DJ Black Coffee is deep and entrenched. Baloyi went to Twitter to threaten Black Coffee’s life for what he done to him a while ago.

When Nota Baloyi was pulled over by traffic officers yesterday, he went on a Twitter rant in which he blasted both the cops and DJ Black Coffee. Baloyi accused Black Coffee of being weak and accusing him of having Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula do all his dirty work in his rant.

Today, the tale progresses as Nota Baloyi takes to Twitter once more to bash Black Coffee. Baloyi accused the internationally renowned DJ of dispatching police officers to ‘beat’ him up. Baloyi continues to threaten Black Coffee with pulling up on him in return for the same courtesy.

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“Black Coffee is also due to get some action for those cops he sent to rough me up. I don’t send people, I show up face to face… It’s a long summer, who know’s when I’ll pull up on him like I did to Sol Phenduka at Starbucks when I was having Americano!” wrote Nota Baloyi


Tweeps have been pleading with Nota Baloyi to seek professional help as soon as possible. Tweeps have undoubtedly drawn the lines where Baloyi has turned on Black Coffee.

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“I think it’s time you see a psychiatrist ” wrote Erica Debraa


“You trying get attention to people who are not in your Tax brackets, There is level to this thing, you need to get off to people on your level like N’veigh, Zinga and Nutty Rockstar” wrote Madzalaetic


“I’m genuinely worried about my GOAT now” wrote Shawn The Posterboy


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Tweeps are still stunned by the photos of Baloyi leaning against a South African Police Service truck with the message ‘f*ck the police.’ Tweeps believe Nota Baloyi is purposefully agitating the police in order to gain likes.

“Provoking the police, they will sort you out soon, don’t worry” wrote Tebzamre


“If you were in America an uprising would start after your demise but you’re here where police don’t care if you’re smoking or being smoked” wrote PawFall

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