Yul Edochie to Igbos: “There is too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos”

"There is too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos”- Yul Edochie bitterly cries out

Yul Edochie to Igbos: “There is too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos”

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, has voiced dissatisfaction with the high degree of jealousy among Igbos.

The former presidential candidate questioned the rationale for their hostility on his Instagram feed.

He mentioned how some Igbos who are successful make their family members their harshest critics.

He urged them to do better and to eliminate the jealousy and competition because only then would things improve.

“Too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos.
If you’re doing well as an Igbo person, your biggest haters are your fellow Igbo person.
Sometimes even your family members.
Igbos we need to do better. We’re great.

Stop the envy. Stop the competition. Things change when we address them”.*

Netizen Reactions….

His post has generated mixed reactions with many using his marital scandal against him, as they noted how jealousy is common in all tr!bes.

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One Sabi Talk concurring with him wrote, “Forget the messenger and take the message, he’s saying the truth. Yorubas help themselves more than the Igbos. Take a good look at the music and movie industry, and you’ll understand even in politics, Igbos you people can do better oh

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One Osdevices Officials wrote, “I no be Igbo man but I never had any regret marrying an Igbo woman. Igbo are nice people and for your post that happens everywhere in the world

One Ladyque wrote, “Coming from someone that left his Igbo brother to support another person. Yul, please

One Shugaboi Henry wrote, “Close that your confused mouth and sense who told you that you are Igbo. Eat your corn in please if you want coconut too then ask for it

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One Ralph New Revelation wrote, “This is not about the tr!be, this guy has lost his sense of belonging. Son a titled man can address issues like this in public without being tribalistic. From his comment, he’s No1 enemies of the Igbos

One Tenoverten Autos wrote, “Envy and competition is not an Igbo word. It exists everywhere. Coming from someone who allowed an envious Abi na competitive Igbo woman enter his marriage. Una mind no go touch ground for this internet

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