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Da L.E.S Responds To John Cena’s Twitter Follow Da L.E.S is no stranger to American territory, as it is his second home. The rapper is known to have worked on his music videos in Malibu, where he enjoyed the sun. With his reputation in South African hip hop, the rapper is no stranger to American celebrities.

The Lifestyle hitmaker has previously been mentioned by Rick Ross, and this time Da L.E.S has received a Twitter follow from WWE Superstar John Cena. Taking to Twitter, the rapper shared a screenshot with the caption “Tony Yayo Dance” indicating that he had received a follow from Cena.


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Recently Da L.E.S made headlines after his interview with Sho Madjozi went viral. The acclaimed rapper pitched her children’s book Sho Ma and the Stars on Da Les’ podcast Da Les & Friends. Most people were interested in Sho Madjozi’s apparent intoxication at moments throughout the chat between the two well-known rappers as they covered a variety of themes.

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Sho Madjozi declared on Twitter that she would never again perform an interview while drinking after her experience on Da Les’ show. She wrote “Da Les: let’s have a nice wholesome interview over a few drinks 3 hours later: “please can you look at how cute the nose is.” lol never again.”


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Sho Madjozi also had an encounter with John Cena after she dropped her hit song praising the American Wrestler. Following the success of her song ‘John Cena,’ the rapper got a surprise visit from Cena during her interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2019. The two ended up performing the song together during the show.

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