Mr. Music Almost Involved In A Fatal Car Accident

Mr. Music, a former Idols SA contestant, was engaged in a car accident that nearly killed him and his brothers. He reported on Facebook that a truck driver smashed into their automobile but was not apologetic and was presumably inebriated.

The Richards Bay-born musician shared photos of his damaged white automobile and blamed it on a drunk truck driver. He alleged that when his car was broken into, the driver cursed at them and drove away.

“A truck driver smashed my car and nearly got me and my brothers killed. He was drunk, swore at me and suddenly ran away. Luckily, the car was still in the ignition and we were able to move.

“We ran after him. The left front tyre got off but we survived. We’re alive. To God, be the glory.”

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In another interview with Daily Sun, Mr. Music detailed when the accident took place. He said nobody was injured.

“The accident happened on Monday. I was waiting for the robot to turn green, then a truck came from behind and crashed into our stationary vehicle,” he told Daily Sun. “I thank God for my life, otherwise it could have been worse. No one was injured but I’m still emotionally disturbed. I reported the matter to the police and my insurance,” he said.

He said while the car was still in ignition, they managed to chase after the truck and ultimately got him arrested.

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“I managed to chase him and got him arrested. Judging from his behaviour, I suspect he was driving under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

Mr. Music is of Idols royalty. He hails all the way from KwaZulu-Natal and he had a sit-down interview with YouTuber and social media influencer Lungelo KM on his YouTube podcast “Engineer Your Life”, where he spoke of life after Idols.

“It’s sad that I have to speak about this but I have to. When you have people that you need to submit to in order for you to make it, if people don’t see Mr Music releasing music they should DM them (Kalawa Jazmee),” he said.

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“When I entered the show, I entered to sing, I did not go to Idols SA to be stuck and go back to square one. I went there to change my life, the way I produce my music,” he said.

“Personally I feel like there is nothing they can change, because we do need record labels and they do need us, but it is so sad that some of the people who are signed by recording labels are not getting paid, how I wish there could be a partnership rather than a contract. I didn’t apply to be part of their label. I went to Idols SA and they found me already groomed, they are the ones who should beg me.”

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