Linda Mtoba Reveals On Finding Love In Her Husband

Linda Mtoba, a South African actress, is the new Nounouche cover girl, and we’re here for her. Linda Mtoba opens up about finding love in a lengthy tell-all interview with the online publication. She describes her husband as gentle and kind.

“I come from a place of love, I am love and that made it easy for me to recognise love.

“Love has done so much for me, it has fed me, nourished me, comforted me, picked me up. Love has been the reason why, my saving grace, my anchor, my purpose. My husband is gentle, kind, intentional, selfless and has allowed me to pursue my dreams without any reservations and that’s what love does, it frees you. It expands your heart and mind. My husband is my north star.”

She says her husband is. “very proud of me and everything I have accomplished.”

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Their love goes beyond looking good on paper.

“My husband and I look great together but it is way deeper, beyond looks. I know that no matter what, he will love me and I will love him just as much. We love each other beyond the superficial.”

The couple met at a club and it was love at first sight. According to Nounouche, their love “developed from Facebook and they knew they had met before but could not immediately remember where they had known each other from.”

The couple has known each other since they were 19. Baby Bean’s father is not about the limelight.

“My husband didn’t choose a life of fame and it is my job to shield him from that. I am unapologetically selfish when it comes to my husband and I value the sanctity of our life together and I want to protect that.”

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The actress is in a happy space. “I am always happy, other emotions are fleeting but generally, I am a happy person. Cake or ice-cream make me happy. I love going to the spa and doing nothing makes me happy.”
When you are happy, tell people that you are having a great time with them. I always make sure people know how grateful I am and how happy I am wherever I am. I love spreading joy.”

Linda Mtoba and her husband Steve got married in 2017. In the year 2020, they welcomed their first child together.

Speaking about her decision to keep her relationship private in a series of tweets: “I can’t even articulate how dumbfounded I am every time ppl get upset abt what I choose to show about my private life. There’s so much of me that I give & share. The one that’s closest to my heart, being the husband I want kept as my own & you feel I don’t deserve.”

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She added that her husband did not choose to be in the public eye.
“How you think it’s ok to demand of me that I share what’s closest & dearest to me, is hurtful, to say the least. My husband isn’t in the public eye, he didn’t choose that. I did. He’s a part of my life I choose to “show” how I want to. Cause he’s such an important part of my life at that.

“Can I decide how to live & share my life? You posting our pics for likes & retweets is so low & intrusive. Imphilo yam le. I’m blessed with a full life, one I’m content with. God has truly been so good to me & my family. I will always protect the ones I love.”

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